Capacity Building Project

Trainees at a break out assignmentThe capacity-building demonstration project aims at providing educational opportunities to health workers and increasing access to educational resources and subject matter experts through electronic media.The key major goals are; to establish a clinical training website for development of health worker capacity to manage HIV, TB, and other infectious diseases. IDI has an e-learning portal that is routinely used to develop the capacity of various cadres. The distance learning team was expected to expand this e-learning platform into a clinical training platform with up-to-date resources on the management of HIV/AIDS, TB, and other infectious diseases. The resources will include materials for case scenarios discussed during IDI’s weekly case conferences, interactive case discussions, IDI switch meeting modules, current clinical management guidelines, and recent research updates. The IDI alumni database (personnel and contacts) will be updated regularly, and IDI alumni as well as subscribed training website users will receive regular notifications about updates posted and resources added.

elearningSecondly; it aims at increasing health worker and alumni access to treatment advice and technical support through constant availability and accessibility of staff at the IDI call centre, ATIC, and the distance learning unit.The AIDS Treatment Information Centre (ATIC) and the distance learning unit of IDI provide alumni and other health workers constant support in patient management.

Lastly, it aims at enhancing IDI technical capacity to manage the distance learning program through strategic staff recruitment. The Infectious Diseases Institute runs a vibrant distance learning program for health worker capacity building.