Healthcare financing and sustainability

Healthcare in most of the Global South is largely donor funded and this has been reducing over the years (Kakaire, Schlech et al. 2016). With dwindling donor funding for healthcare services in Africa, it is therefore important that efforts are geared towards more sustainable approaches (Kakaire, Schlech et al. 2016).
The pandemic forced African governments to re-examine their finance models for the health sector (Ozili 2020). Technology and innovations in healthcare are projected to offer viably sustainable solutions for service delivery. This, however, can only be realized through rigorous stakeholder engagement and political will to allocate the appropriate resources, infrastructure, and supportive policies. All viable approaches should importantly prioritize the poorest and most vulnerable in society – both in rural and urban settings – to ensure they have access to the best possible care.
In this track, we shall be sharing and discussing:

  • The current state of healthcare financing in Uganda and the Global South
  • Innovative solutions that are addressing healthcare financing
  • Innovative financing models and policy frameworks for sustainable healthcare financing
  • Strengthening regional collaboration to support innovations
  • The role of the private sector in supporting sustainable and inclusive financing solutions for healthcare