Who We Are

The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact was formed after an MOU between the Ugandan Ministry of Health, Infectious Diseases Institute, Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust.The Academy is the first flagship implementation of Connect for Life™ – a collaborative program to empower healthcare workers, academics and patients to address critical health challenges, including HIV, TB, and maternal and child health in resource limited settings.


Sustainable health care accessible to all in Uganda.


To improve health outcomes through innovations in clinical care, capacity building, systems strengthening and research, which inform policy and practice, with a strong emphasis on HIV and TB.

Strategic Objectives

The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation will achieve its vision by
1. Driving innovation for impact in the health sector.
2. Leveraging partnerships, collaborations and advocacy.
3. Ensuring sustainability.


The Ugandan Academy will focus on implementing innovative solutions in the areas of clinical care, research, capacity building and health systems strengthening to improve health care and on utilising effective subgranting
mechanisms to support and deliver solutions.


Emphasis will be placed on building strong effective partnerships with policy makers and key decision makers and engaging in advocacy activities in order to influence health policy and decision making.


The Ugandan Academy will raise funding as well as continually improve its internal structure, systems and processes to ensure that objectives are met.