The Ugandan Academy collaborates with over 20 national and local non-governmental organisations. To ensure sustainability, the desire from the funders, the Board and IDI is to make the Academy a long term success through acquiring further funding by showcasing successes.

Number of demonstration projects: 3 (ATIC, C4L, Cohort) Number of sub-grantees: 9 (ICOBI, CFU, SDI HOCADEO, ROM, RICE-WN), TASO, MakSPH, IDRC) Number of innovations in development or testing: 9 (Tippy tap,Call for Life and Call for Life Lite, elearning, ART access, ICOBI HIV/TB Case Based Surveillance app, Community drug distribution point app, HIV third line virtual clinic, TB stool diagnostics and TB map and link).

2015/20162016/20172017/2018 (so far)Total
Number of beneficiaries reached online tools1,1038,68512,66722,455
Number of healthcare workers accessing5313,3902,3565,746
Number of research papers/internationa conference presentations1258
Number of postgraduate students supported3216

Latest Events/News


Health Innovation Conference a Success

The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact is proud to have launched and hosted the inaugural health..

Year one Review of Sub Grantees

The first annual progress review meeting for sub-grantees and demonstration projects was held on 23rd February.

Study to Evaluate Health in Older Population Launched

A Picture in Ageing is a study that will explore demography, healthy ageing phenotype and self-perception in a community of older people in Uganda.



Academy Scholars


I have been on ARVs for over 6 years. Everything was okay until the birth of my daughter when I got too busy and started taking my pills late as well as missing some.
Carol Birungi Tahidi
"Personally I am ready to use this platform and indeed I have no single problem with it, my goal is live longer and healthy", says Didas..
Didas Byaruhanga
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