Pictures of Ageing in Uganda

Our interdisciplinary pilot project was undertaken by an equitable partnership between demographers, medical researchers, public health researchers, Social Scientists and practising artists, from Uganda and the UK. It investigates ageing in a semi-rural/ peri-urban District in Uganda, exploring how phenotype and cognitive function, living circumstances and responsibilities are related to age, including to (self) perceived age.

The project is funded by the UK’s Global Challenges Research Fund, in this case through a MRC –AHRC call. This is an innovative project focused on ageing which combines medical research with arts and humanities in Uganda.
The project will be based in Wakiso District in Central Uganda and a visit to the proposed community will be undertaken to meet local authorities and community leaders. To ensure that the community voice is represented, other community based organisations or community leaders identified in the chosen community will be encouraged to join stakeholder/ partnership meetings.