About The Academy

_MG_8056 The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact was formed after an MOU between the following partners: Ugandan Ministry of Health, Infectious Diseases Institute, Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson, and the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust.

About the Academy

The Academy is the flagship implementation of Connect for LifeTM – a collaborative new program to empower healthcare workers, academics, and patients to address critical health challenges, including HIV, TB, and maternal and child health in innovative, collaborative, and context-appropriate ways. The Academy will be initially funded by Janssen as part of its commitment to global public health through collaboration with the Johnson and Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust.
connectConnect for Life™ is also a collaborative program aimed at sustainably empowering health systems in underserved regions and improving the health of vulnerable populations. Using a patient-centric model that combines partnerships, local expertise, and technology, it engages local healthcare actors to enable and catalyze research, capacity development, and clinical management in order to achieve lasting impact on public health in resource-limited settings.
IDI MakerereThe Academy is housed within the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI), Kampala which is an integral part of the College of Health Sciences at Makerere University. IDI currently provides health care and treatment services to more than 100,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis across Uganda.

A collaborative effort between Janssen, the Infectious Diseases Institute in Uganda, the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust, and several other stakeholders and partners.