As one of its capacity building models, the Ugandan Academy provides sponsorship to two Masters’ students and two PhD students.
→ Masereka Enos Mirembe completed final examinations; due to graduate in Jan 2018
→ George Kiwanuka has completed data collection and entry for his dissertation
→ Charles Namisi presented his proposal at MakSPH Higher Degrees Research and Ethics Committee (HDREC) on 2nd May 2017
→ Richard Muhindo’s proposal was approved by MakSPH HDREC One of the Academy’s PhD students, Jane Wanyama, successfully defended her PhD at University of Antwerp. “My PhD work looked at challenges for long-term treatment adherence and risk behaviour reduction for HIV-infected individuals. I realise that we face a challenge with the current guidelines requiring us to start asymptomatic people on treatment. This calls for creativity and innovativeness, and there is no place better to find the solution to such challenges than the Ugandan Academy.” Jane Wanyama, PhD Scholar.
Dr Namisi