Strengthening population case-based surveillance of HIV and TB in Uganda
Accurate data is essential for the planning and allocation of limited resources available for their monitoring and evaluation. Enhanced HIV case-based surveillance enables the effective follow up of cases and provides the data necessary for understanding local disease epidemiology.

ICOBI developed an electronic and case-based surveillance (e-CBS) system to improve HIV and TB reporting and management. The e-CBS system was piloted in Sheema district in western Uganda before it is rolled out to Rubirizi district in the second year. HIV cased-based surveillance has been integrated into the existing paper-based HMIS systems. Several health facilities have had their staff trained in key components of HIV/TB case based surveillance.

The e-CBS system is an important mobile health (mHealth) innovation that will improve treatment programmes and patient care, and have impact on clinical outcomes such as patient retention in care, viral suppression and TB remission.