Conference 2019 – People, Products Processes and The Arts

The three Ps that made up this conference theme have been referred to as the most important ingredients for a successful business. All three must be in alignment for a business intelligence solution to be effective and holistic, which is what many entrepreneurs and innovators hope to achieve. During this session, innovators were primarily tasked with showcasing their products, explaining the connection to people and the processes involved as well their relevance to the current market and opportunities for sustainability. Each presenter had 10-minute demonstration of their innovation in front of the audience and then proceeded to answer questions asked.

Arts for Health and Social Change features brainstorming ways for the arts community and health innovators and medical practitioners to learn from each other and work more closely together. Over the past few months, The Ugandan Academy has undertaken projects such as the Picture of Ageing Projects and the History of HIV exhibition in Uganda which, while aligning with our pillars on research and clinical management, are more observational and social science based. This is theme focused on re-imagining and undertaking, multidisciplinary research into the fundamental questions about arts, health and social change. We brought together artists, curators, educators, health and care professionals, activists and advocates alongside international experts in the hope of finding answers on how to create a shared language for sustainable healthcare.